Ch. Lalirra Od Dorrinky

Lalirra Od Dorrinky

* 19.05. 2022, Czech Republic

(Ch. Vaydee Jazz Bass X Abequa Nijani Warrigal paws)

Breeder: Michaela Žůrková, Od Dorrinky kennel

Owner: Eva Svárkovská, Cinderella's Ranch kennel

BAER - normal bilateral hearing
HD 0/0
ED 0/0
Spondyloza - clear

CZ Champion
CZ Junior Champion
Czech Club Junior Champion KCHMPP
WDS 23 Geneva - Exc. 4
BISS Minor Puppy
Junior BISS
Junior BOD


Millinka, Milagros, Milli... This little girl is another dream princess in our kennel, one could say literally prayed for... When we took her home she was a huge treasure for us because the blood of all our best dogs circulates in her veins and hairdryer. 25 years of breeding in one little blue ball... but since then he proves to us every day that he is much much more... Not only is he at home in the show rings, but he also has an amazing personality. She is balanced and always willing to work, precise, non-conflicting... simply perfect... she is so much a reflection of her wonderful ancestors and especially Čárka (that's what I was hoping for the most all the time). I don't know what we did to deserve this princess, but I am infinitely grateful for every day by her side...