CRUFT 2023


10.03. 2023.... Great Britain... Birmingham... Cruft.... Best of Breed Veteran... Words that have been echoing in our heads for the last few days. What we didn't dare to imagine even in our most secret dreams became a reality... I still can't believe it... I will never forget that incredible feeling of happiness, emotion and pride...

22 years is quite a long time in the history of ACD breeding, and our kennel was there when the breeders started in the small Czech country. During this time, we had the great honor of participating in almost every possible exhibition and event. Only one was missing from the list... and even though the name Cinderella's Ranch has already appeared at Cruft (female FCI Va Bene Cinderella's Ranch, thanks to the breeder Mrs. Behne), the direct participation of our team with our own dog eluded us despite the nominations achieved . After all, going to England for an exhibition is not easy, not even now, let alone back then...

We've always wanted Cruft. The opportunity to participate in the most prestigious exhibition on the European continent was a huge dream for us... And then Uliáš entered our lives. Unexpected, uninvited, but immediately loved by everyone. Five years ago he crossed the threshold of our house and since then he has fulfilled all our dreams with his own energy. In everything he and Milan embarked on, they reaped fruit and applause :-) As if Uliáš wanted with his whole being to prove to our family (and especially to Milan) that the decision to bring him home was one of the best things we ever did. Together they mastered horse and bike rides, completed 3 tests with sheep in record time, and also achieved success in the exhibition circles at Czech shows. And when our great handler Péťa Kolegarová took Uličník under her wing (we also owe it to Uliáš and then also to Martinka Švecová's great recommendation), together they created a stellar team. When, in addition to the Czech Champions, they also finished together for the CAC at the world show and when we won the C.I.B. title, we had "only" that one secret dream left...

and then came the fulfilled nomination…. (this time with handler Nikola Stránská, THANK YOU)

and hope…

and careful secret weaving of travel plans…

Until the last moment, it was not clear if we would leave much at all... Too many obligations at home, too many worries, too high costs for the trip increasing every day... but we simply could not miss this. With the help of many people, we signed up, secured accommodation at the last minute with our ears scratched, made passports under even more stress (that's how it is when you remember 14 days before departure that the UK is no longer in the EU...), arranged all the necessary veterinary checks ( good guy too) booked accommodation and a trip through the tunnel, rented a car, exchanged pounds and set off on Wednesday at 3:00 pm with Uliáš on board towards Rozdvadov..

We had only one goal… not to embarrass ourselves and ENJOY IT. We mainly wanted to experience the exceptional atmosphere and the honor of participating in the famous Cruft.

I won't bore you with the details of the many hour-long journey (how we were blown away by the self-cleaning toilets in Germany :-), how nervous we were about the journey under the sea, how funny the journey to the left was and how absolutely crazy left-turn roundabouts are when they have more than 2 lanes, how Péťa almost didn't land because of a blizzard, how we couldn't find each other at the fairgrounds, how we were "seen" from the Birmingham room...) so that this story doesn't turn into a multi-hour novel :-) The most important thing is that in the end, on D-day, we are roughly at seven in the morning they parked at the Birmingham Exhibition Center and set off in a blizzard in the direction of hall 5 and 4...

I probably can't describe the feeling when we entered, but everyone who has ever made a dream come true knows what I'm talking about. We were there... All around us were the famous green carpets and the ever-present anticipation. And despite the fact that the halls were impatiently waking up, the huge tradition breathed on us from every corner. And my eyes filled with tears... I was touched. Three ordinary people with one extraordinary dog walked between the carpets on which the most famous dogs ran together with the most famous breeders and handlers of Europe... unbelievable for a "little girl" from the Czech Republic. And I had no idea what was waiting for us...

Since we had a lot of time to spare, we calmly accommodated Uličník in the prepared cubicles, walked outside in the prepared areas, took a few photos and looked out for the other registered hounds. After that, it was all very fast... Péta ran a few preparatory laps in Uličník, I almost bit all my nails with nervousness and fought at least 5 heart attacks... Uliáš thoroughly enjoyed every position and every lap. He enjoyed being the center of attention and relished the feeling of being our hero. After the victory in the veteran class, he also ran for the CC (our CACIB), where he also performed beautifully, but after all... youth is ahead ;-) and then we had a "fight" with the winner of the veteran female for the best veteran of the breed... one lap... second... the referee points to Uliáš and shakes Péta's hand!!!


I growl, Milan smiles and we both smother Peta and Uli in a hug... A big dog with an even bigger heart will forever be written down in history as the winner of the title Best Veteran of the Breed Australian Cattle Dog Cruft 2023!!!



Of course, the biggest thanks goes to Uliášek (C.I.B. Ullrich Vom Teufelsjoch) for what he is and what he does for us. You are a truly exceptional dog and we don't know what we did to deserve you, but we thank "those above" for sending you our way! THANK YOU!!

We thank the great handler Petra Kolegarová, who accompanies us throughout Ulli's show training and together they developed from the title of "Mr. Magor" (Uličník was very, very cheerful and welcoming at the first training) to international champion and together they form a great duo. Thank you for your professionalism, care, friendship and patience. THANK YOU!!

Thanks to the wonderful breeder Mrs. Ilse Sadleder from the Teufelsjoch kennel for this wonderful dog! THANK YOU!!

Thank you to my family. To mom, dad, Jaje and Olin for their unceasing support both on a personal and professional level. Without them, we couldn't leave (or even function). They took amazing care of our children, the rest of the pack, the herd of horses and our entire home. THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Special thanks to my beloved husband's mother, Mrs. Zuzana Svárkovská, without whom there would be no Cinderella's Ranch, no 22 years of history of the breeders in this kennel, including all their success and wonderful dogs. We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for her and her art and leadership. THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks also go to the father of my beloved husband, Mr. Maxmilián Svárkovský, who built the background for our ch.s. and a home for us and our children. Thank you!!!

We thank the entire team from and the Ibero brand for their support and cooperation. Without proper nutrition there is no fitness and without fitness there are no results. Thank you!

Thank you Verč and Lovitka for a great day out and for the jump for Ulli :-)

Thank you to all the dogs we had the privilege of meeting and were a part of our lives.

Thank you to everyone who kept their fingers crossed for us and thought of us, as well as to all the owners of our kennels and people who more or less go through our dog's life with us. You all somehow shape our path and give meaning to what we do. It wouldn't be possible without you.


for ch.s. Cinderella's Ranch

Eva Svárkovská